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CROM project will continue in 2018

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a tracking- and settlement-clearing-house for the $500B/year digital marketing industry

CROMhub is

a solution for adverstisers, digital marketing networks and publishers

CROM tokens

will give owners a perpetual dividend when using them on the platform or lending them out

In the news

  • Dec 1st, from

    “Under the Performance Marketing, the publisher usually pays out the amount to an advertiser without being known about the actual number of intermediaries involved. Subsequently, payments made during this process are not as transparent as what we are typically paying through the blockchain. And here comes CROM.”

  • Nov 24th from Huffpost

    “CROMhub is a blockchain technology infused application developed for the marketing industry, designed to solve the present day real-time issues in the advertising segment”

  • Nov 19th from CoinIdol

    “CROMhub is their service that will provide a solution to the tricky and long-winded issue that is slowing down the performance marketing ecosystem”

  • Nov 18th from Bitcoin Exchange Guide

    “While there are various other projects such as Adex, AdToken and Adshares in the performance advertising industry, there are few with clearer, express mission objectives as CROMhub. ICO Rating – 4/5”

  • Nov 16th from The Bitcoin News

    “CROMHUB, the first blockchain and smart-contract to be a tracking- and settlement-clearing-house for the digital marketing industry whips up a pre-ICO buzz ahead of its ICO launch on December 1st, 2017”

  • Nov 15th from BUZINVESTORS

    “Introducing CROMHUB – The First Blockchain-Based Platform for the Performance Marketing/Advertising Industry. ICO Announced for 1st December 2017.”


CROM is the first real-world application of blockchain technology for the performance advertising industry.

CROM is being developed by a team of highly-experienced veterans from the marketing industry. It is tailored to the exact needs of that industry, solving today‘s problems with a hands-on approach.

CROM uses blockchain technology for secure tracking and instant settlement. It increases liquidity and trust, while retaining privacy and security for all market participants.

The CROM token valuation is linked to global marketing spend and will grow together with the whole advertising industry and the CROMhub platform.

Problems we solve

In a nutshell, the tracking and settlement process in todays performance marketing ecosystem is tedious and long-winded:

crazy flow

This process results in:

  • time and resource intensive settlement cycles
  • uncertainty about the monthʼs performance
  • vulnerability to fraud and therefore a general lack of trust among market players

So, the industry has problems with:



CROM is a solution fixing these problems:

TRUST: by making tracking events and payments fully transparent

CROM trust

LIQUIDITY: by speeding up the transfer of funds

CROM liquidity

COST: by being considerably cheaper per transaction

CROM costs will be the central clearing house for blockchain based tracking and settlement. It will be available as a cloud-service; accessible to users both as a web application and an API that can be integrated with existing tracking systems.

As opposed to the status quo, settlement along the whole value chain will be almost instant. will be complimentary to existing business and legal relationships among market players in the performance marketing ecosystem.

Barriers to entry will be low to foster quick adoption.


In Milestone 1 we will publish a proof-of-concept, connecting any two parties along a value chain. We foresee this happening first at the “publisher end”, i.e. between the publishers and the networks holding a relationship with them.

CROM milestone 1

In Milestone 2, we will enable a full value chain, creating a clearing house that will only release funds once all parties along the chain are known and approved. At the same time, funds will be released to all parties in neartime.

CROM milestone 2


CROM is built upon Ethereum. Ethereum was designed with the explicit goal of doing more than just creating and recording transfers of a blockchain network’s native token.

The generalized technology has enabled what are known as “smart contracts”, which are computer programs that directly control digital assets (e.g. token, domain names, IDs, etc) and can be used to encode protocols on the blockchain.

Using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain is currently the industry standard for issuing custom digital assets. The advanced features and active ecosystem of Ethereum make it a natural fit for the CROM project.

The CROM token will be released in the ERC20 standard on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. The standard allows us to make the CROM token easily interchangeable and ensures it is compatible with every popular wallet implementation.


CROM is built by Sure Yield ltd., a Hong Kong based company. While employees and advisors are based around the world, the main development center is in Berlin, Germany.

In Berlin, you can find us in the Factory Berlin, Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin

International digital industry veteran, 20 years experience in executive management on 4 continents. Keen investor and participant in disruptive projects.
Thomas Kothuis - Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Kothuis
Chief Executive Officer
Executive leader, growth hacker and digital advertising veteran. 14 years experience in product development. Avid crypto trader. Majored in Innovation Management and Psychology.
Thomas Richter - Project Lead
Thomas Richter
Project Lead
Devoted technology fanatic, blockchain fan, mar- & ad-tech specialist, crypto investor. 20 years of experience in software engineering and system architecture.
Dominik Rachwal - Chief Technology Officer
Dominik Rachwal
Chief Technology Officer
Technology enthusiast with a passion for distributed systems and blockchain applications. Utilizes knowledge obtained in different fields to digital marketing landscape. Majored in control engineering and robotics.
Konrad Tysiac - Lead Blockchain Developer
Konrad Tysiac
Lead Blockchain Developer
Cyborg, technical to the bone. Grew up with computers and over 20 years in the industry. Software Architect, solution finder, blockchain addict.
Robert Bochenski - Blockchain Architect
Robert Bochenski
Blockchain Architect
Full-stack developer passionate about new technologies with more than 7 years of experience. Enjoys traveling, learning and teaching others. Holds master's degree in software engineering.
Phil Rukin - Developer
Phil Rukin
Senior business development executive and digital product manager; 13 years’ experience in the field of digital user acquisition and product distribution. Holds degree in business administration.
Matthias Kirsch - Lead Business Development
Matthias Kirsch
Lead Business Development
Expert web and front-end designer with 12 years of experience in advertising and platform development. Strong UX skills, deeply rooted in the mobile industry. Rides a very big bike when not working with us.
Christian Hullena - Lead UX Design
Christian Hullena
Lead UX Design
Seasoned digital executive with 15 years experience in product management, business development and product distribution. University background in law and at the crypto forefront since 2012.
Matti Seidel - Communication
Matti Seidel
Experienced finance professional, worked and lived in various countries, been involved in ecommerce and digital startup in finance administration for 10 years.
Janine Henning - Finance
Janine Henning
Business Intelligence/Analyst leader, with 15 years’ experience serving sales, marketing, finance and executives in the digital arena. Holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing.
Chris Bisset - Business Intelligence
Chris Bisset
Business Intelligence

CROM token and the ICO

The CROM token is an ERC20 standard token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. is the first application to use it.

Please consult the “How to contribute” guide here.

Token name:CROM
What do the Tokens represent?These tokens represent an irrevocable fee advantage in using the Companies’ services in the future.
Total supplyThere will be a fixed supply of 10.0m tokens; no more tokens will be created by the Smart Contract.
6.0m tokens (60%) thereof will be sold during the ICO.
Distribution2.0m tokens during a pre-ICO to early investors with a 25% bonus.
4.0m tokens during the public ICO at nominal rate.

Investments made before the pre ICO batch is exhausted will grant 25% more CROM tokens.
The tokens will be credited to the buyer's account immediately.
ICO time and duration:The ICO will start Dec 01, 2017, 12:00 GMT and last for 14 days or until all CROM tokens are sold – whichever happens earlier.
The pre-ICO will start Nov 17, 2017, 12:00 GMT and will last for 14 days.
CROM token price:0.01 ETH (1 ETH = 100 CROM in ICO = 125 CROM in pre-ICO)
Soft cap:8,000 ETH (= 1m CROM)
Hard cap:56,000 ETH (= 6m CROM)
Unsold tokens:If the soft cap is reached, but there are still CROM tokens unsold after 14 days, these CROM tokens are transferred to the company wallet.
Tradability:We intend to make the CROM tokens tradable on popular exchanges within three weeks after the ICO ends.

Use of funds

The funds collected will provide operating capital for four years. The majority will be spent on technology and platform development. Business development will also be a considerable cost factor.

Project Timeline


Lorenzo Green - CEO iStack Holdings, Founder of Affiliate World Conferences, Co-Founder & CEO Monetizer, Co-Founder Kobi Digital

Lorenzo Green, CEO iStack Holdings, Founder of Affiliate World Conferences, Co-Founder & CEO Monetizer, Co-Founder Kobi Digital

Lorenzo has over 10 years experience in online & mobile based performance marketing. He is extremely passionate about being an investor and entrepreneur in the online marketing and advertising space. He is the founder of 3 multi-million dollar companies in the ad tech space.

Christoph Vilanek - CEO at Freenet AG

Christoph Vilanek, CEO at Freenet AG

Christoph has been in executive positions in publishing, online fashion and direct marketing companies since completing his study in Business Administration in Austria. After joining McKinsey in 2001, and iPublish in 2004, Christoph had various positions within debitel AG which merged with mobilcom to form freenet AG. He has been chairman of the Executive Board for freenet AG since 2009. He is also Chairman of the Advisory Board for Exaring AG, Ströer SE, mobilcom-debitel GmbH and a member of the Advisory Board for Gamigo AG and Webtrekk GmbH.

Niren Hiro - Silicon Valley investor; CrowdStar, AdMob, Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline, MTV Networks

Niren Hiro, Silicon Valley investor; CrowdStar, AdMob, Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline, MTV Networks

Niren is based in Silicon Valley and has served as board director, investor, and advisor to multiple startups in the areas of mobile advertising, analytics, e-commerce, social networking, messaging, games & entertainment. He has 20+ years of start-up & business leadership experience at high growth Internet, mobile, media, & entertainment companies. Niren earned an MBA from Boston University and grew up in Japan.


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