Help us make our ICO a success and earn CROM tokens along the way.
Make sure you follow instruction when entering the Bounty Program. For the Affiliate Deal, the Smart Contract will deliver the bounty reward. For all other Deals, bounty rewards will be distributed after the ICO.

Affiliate Deal

Share your affiliate link and earn token for every investment.


Give us some constructive feedback and earn CROM token.


How it works?

Give us some constructive feedback to earn CROM tokens.
  1. Fill out the form at the bottom.


  • We value feedback, so we reward you for telling us what you like and what you don’t like.
  • There is no difference in bounty between negative and positive feedback.
  • Only constructive, English and well-written feedback counts. Simply writing “Good” or “Not so good” is not constructive.
  • If we implement your feedback we will give you additional bounty if you were the first to report it.


Constructive feedback = 1 CROM
Feedback implemented = 12 CROM

Apply for Bounty

Affiliate Deal

We want to reward you for spreading the word about the CROM ICO. Earn 2% of the amount invested from your affiliate links in CROM tokens.

Whenever a contribution is made by a person registered through your affiliate link the smart contract will send 2% on top of that contribution to your wallet address. So if somebody buys 100 tokens, we send another 2 to your wallet.

How it works?

  1. Enter your email and ether wallet address
  2. Click “Generate Affiliate Link”
  3. Share the link with your friends, community, neighbors, partners ...

Your Affiliate Link