We compiled a few common questions here and tried to answer them.

1. What is CROM?

The CROM project encompasses the platform and the underlying blockchain architecture. It will enable fast, transparent and secure tracking of digital advertising events and also the payments associated with it. For more information, please read the CROM Project White Paper.

2. Which Problem do you solve?

CROM has a mission: make digital advertising better for all participants. We help advertisers, networks and publishers to gain trust and liquidity while saving costs.

We strive to create a solution that brings visible gains to the industry participants quickly and helps everybody to grow their business. Initially, CROM represents a suite of business solutions; not an infrastructure layer. This will help to create actual revenue streams fast and it will sustain and push the value of the CROM tokens.

We prioritize ease of adoption, helping participants to use the platform, learn from it and make it even better.

3. Why should market participants use it?

CROM will use the unique features of a blockchain-based solution to accelerate today’s digital marketing processes. CROM will be easy to integrate with existing solutions, it will sit alongside more traditional tracking and settlement mechanisms and slowly replace them.

Advertisers will gain an entirely new level of transparency about how their budgets are being used. Networks will gain speed and liquidity, while being better able to monitor their publishers.

Publishers will get their payments quicker than ever while resting assured that they receive their fair share.

4. Who is building the CROM project?

sure yield inc limited 順研有限公司 (Sure Yield), a Hong Kong based company, is building the CROM project. While employees and advisors are based around the world, the main development center is in Berlin, Germany. In Berlin, you can find us in the Factory Berlin, Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin

5. What does CROM stand for?

Nothing really. We heard many fantastic explanations but there is no deeper meaning.

6. What are CROM tokens?

Like all the other blockchain-based environments, CROM will operate using utility tokens. They will provide substantial discount on fees and payout bonuses.

CROM tokens give advertisers the potential to save on transaction fees. Depending on their media spend, advertiser can save substantial cost when using the CROMhub platform.

Publishers, on the other hand, are incentivized to use CROMhub as they get bonus payouts for each transaction received. CROM tokens are ERC-20 compatible and easily tradable.

You find the CROM tokens contract at the address 0xff4385c58cc0aa2adb56e05b50fc9f7e7b213511

7. So, if I’m an advertiser or a publisher – should I get CROM tokens?

We would say: yes! Once operational, CROMhub will allow you to insert your tokens into your account and enjoy substantial rebates on fees (as advertisers) or bonus payouts (as publishers) for as long as you are using CROMhub. As tokens stay locked in your account during usage, we strongly advice to get them now.

8. How does the CROM ICO work?

We compiled all important facts into a simple table:

Token name:CROM
What do the Tokens represent?These tokens represent an irrevocable fee advantage in using the Companies’ services in the future.
Total supplyThere will be a fixed supply of 10.0m tokens; no more tokens will be created by the Smart Contract.
6.0m tokens (60%) thereof will be sold during the ICO.
Distribution2.0m tokens during a pre-ICO to early investors with a 25% bonus.
4.0m tokens during the public ICO at nominal rate.

Investments made before the pre ICO batch is exhausted will grant 25% more CROM tokens.
The tokens will be credited to the buyer's account immediately.
ICO time and duration:The ICO will start Dec 01, 2017, 12:00 GMT and last for 14 days or until all CROM tokens are sold – whichever happens earlier.
The pre-ICO will start Nov 17, 2017, 12:00 GMT and will last for 14 days.
CROM token price:0.01 ETH (1 ETH = 100 CROM in ICO = 125 CROM in pre-ICO)
Soft cap:8,000 ETH (= 1m CROM)
Hard cap:56,000 ETH (= 6m CROM)
Unsold tokens:If the soft cap is reached, but there are still CROM tokens unsold after 14 days, these CROM tokens are transferred to the company wallet.
Tradability:We intend to make the CROM tokens tradable on popular exchanges within three weeks after the ICO ends.

9. Is there a CROM token pre-sale or ways to obtain CROM tokens prior to the public ICO?

Yes, there is a pre-ICO.
Contact us at, if you are an institutional investor or active digital advertising player. We’ll do our best to help you make the best of your investment.
A minimum contribution of 10 ETH applies for the pre-ICO.

10. How can I participate in the CROM ICO?

You can participate in the public tokens sale provided that stated legal compliance criteria are met. Terms and conditions are published ahead of time.
For detailed information and suggestions on how to purchase CROM tokens, please read our “how to contribute”-guide here.

11. What ETH compatible wallets are recommended?

We recommend using MyEtherWallet. The following wallets are known to be incompatible wallets; this is not a complete list. Do not use any of the following wallets to participate in the CROM tokens distribution:
Any Bitcoin exchange wallet
Any Ethereum exchange wallet
Jaxx | Exodus | Coinbase |Poloniex | Kraken | Bitstamp | Bitfinex | Bittrex |

12. Is there a minimum purchase amount for CROM tokens?

The minimum contribution accepted during the CROM tokens distribution is a payment for 1 CROM token. Smaller contribution amounts will be rejected.

13. How can I see how much ETH has been contributed during a specific batch of the CROM tokens distribution?

The amount of ETH received during each current period will be displayed on the website. The history of ETH contributed in previous periods can be viewed on the Ethereum blockchain.

14. I have contributed to the CROM tokens distribution. When do I receive CROM tokens?

Immediately upon contributing, tokens will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet.

15. Are CROM tokens tradable, and if so, from when?

Yes, we are negotiating with several exchanges right now. Our tokens will become transferrable and will be listed on exchanges shortly after the end of the public ICO.

16. Are there network fees when transferring CROM tokens?

Yes, the CROM token is an ERC-20 compatible token; therefore, transfers will be subject to ETH gas fees like all other transactions on the Ethereum network.

17. Where do the proceeds from the CROM tokens distribution go?

Proceeds from the CROM tokens distribution will go to Sure Yield.

18. What does Sure Yield plan to use proceeds from the CROM tokens distribution for?

As a private company, proceeds of the CROM tokens distribution will be utilized by Sure Yield in its sole discretion. Sure Yield intends to use most of the proceeds for the development of the CROM project, for general administration and operating expenses. For more information, please read the CROM Project White Paper.

19. How can I get in touch?

Email us at, or join us on